I am an Integrative Health Practitioner which is related to 8 Integrated Disciplines (Ayurvedic Medicine, Bioregulatory Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine & Herbalism, Eastern Philosophy of Mind Heart Body, Traditional Naturopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Functional Medicine Bio-energetic Medicine and Energy Psychology).

I specialises further as a Stress and Trauma-Informed Therapist and Functional Medicine Health Coach.

I am a teacher & Instructor of Qiqong, Mental Fitness and Positive Psychology. I am a HeartMath practitioner and do HeartMath stress and Well-Being Assessment providing HeartMath Stress and Emotional Regulation mentoring, training and  Coaching services. My skills further extends as Bio-resonance technology and Heart Rate Variability assessment. 

I  help busy mid-career professionals, couples and small business entrepreneurs to deal with medically unexplained symptoms that are ambiguous in conventional health and supporting their health and wellness development journey.

Many people have physical complaints and health conditions that don't appear to be symptoms of a medical condition within the conventional system. When they last for more than a few weeks and  doctors can't find a problem with the body that may be the cause, they are sometimes  labelled as "medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) ". 

Medically unexplained symptoms are common, and studies show that (MUS)  account for up to 45% of all Doctors appointments and half of all new visits to hospital clinics in the UK. According to the National Health Service, about 1 in 4 people who see a GP having physical symptoms that cannot be explained. Interviewing doctors (GP's) trained in lifestyle medicine, I was told that if they see 15 patients in the morning, only 3 really needed medical attention help and the rest could do with stress management and lifestyle changes.

Whatever difficulties or pain you are experiencing right now which may be impacting on your health, family and social life, work performance, happiness and abundance, the one thing you should know that it could be all related to your Energy!  At a cellular level we need t make sure we are feeding our cells, the energy factory called the mitochondria properly. Energy is the real currency of your happiness and success! There are various of mind-body modalities that can be potentially used to get some improved health outcomes including Functional Medicine Health Coaching exploring areas of sleep and relaxation, Heart Rate Variability and Coherence, Exercise and Movement, Nutrition, Stress Assessment and Relationships tailored according to your context and need.

Having said that, many times, despite how hard you are working towards your career progression or on your healing journey, it sometimes feels like it is one step forward and three steps back! It can be very frustrating and daunting on your morale.

The likelihood is that often we have those mental saboteurs of Victimisation, or Hyper- Achiever, or controler, or avoider, or restless, or pleaser, takes over our life, drains our energy and deviate us from our path to manifest our genius or happiness, healing and abundance. Using my mentoring programme on Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence  can give you some key insights of those 'villains' sabotaging your growth. 

At a deeper energetic level, often  trapped emotions, trauma and your own subconscious programming may be sabotaging us! It’s all about identifying and clearing those trapped emotions, trauma energy. Moreover, often  there can be stress between your subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind associated with limited beliefs wired at the subconsciousness level working against what you desire.

All of the above are like layers of onions that are waiting to be peeled off as they can affect especially our relationships- starting with ourselves when we don't feel good in our skin and cannot even get into a proper relationship with our partner, family and relatives causing chaos, breaks and hurt.  At the workplace and our business where we are at odds with colleagues or attracting the wrong peers or business partners.

With a comprehensive system and holistic approach,  I can potentially help you to clear any traumatic blockages that might stop you from moving forward with your life while  also  empowering you to raise your 'vibe' to protect your space where love and compassion becomes your super power and shield. I will help you to unpack stress as it can steal all the effort you put into your healing despite the best supplements and food you can take. With my support,  you can learn  simple, fast and effective lifetime tools to be in total alignment - where the mind, heart, body and spirit are working in coherence (harmony and efficiently). This total alignment will help you to tap into your own inner strength, mind-body wisdom to be more resilient while having inner peace drawing abundance you deserve in your life.

Over 10 years, blending community development work and clinical experience,  I have crafted the 7 key steps to optimal Health and Peak Performance for those extremely busy with a time efficient approach developing the principal of P.E.A.C.E as Protocol. It is a programme where we co-create together the life you want with you as an equal partner to make the choice you feel important for your health, wellness and happiness.  I invite you on this fun and insightful  journey with me to educate yourself to 'Train before Treatment' and  literally buy yourself time doing more with less, optimise your health, have better sleep, manage stress, be emotionally intelligent & wise, boosting your immunity, energy, vitality and performance.

Clear those blocks and cycle of dis-ease. Nourish your mind body and soul in a wholesome way. Sharpen your mind with your Heart! Unleash your Genius with P.E.A.C.E!

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"I really enjoyed working with Ryad. I booked a package deal with him and it was definitely the right decision to make. Everything that came up through the sessions made complete sense and to the point of being spooky. With the information that came up, I was able to make informed decisions for myself and my daughter. Ryad worked with both myself and my daughter and I’m so grateful for that. I felt really comfortable with Ryad and trusted him 100%. I was able to be open and transparent with him, which was the most important thing for me. Thanks Ryad"

Cazzie Dare
Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor (UK)

"I invited Ryad to come and give us a talk on Heart math and Stress management for my patient support group in my area of Berkshire. He is a great communicator and was able to convey in simple and effective language on how to use the technology but actually connected with patients and made it an engaging talk. clearly very knowledgeable and articulate. would recommend him for his work."

Dr Deepak Ravindran
Pain Medicine Consultant - Royal Berkshire NHS

"Ryad’s sensitivity and care in delivering such a delicately balanced intervention aligned me with my inner strength and clarity that felt shaken for so long. I feel utterly blessed to have been exposed to this work by a professional who could hold the space I needed without being intrusive or invasive in any way"

Mrs Sharma
Lawyer, UK

"Learning the real value of Coherence/HRV and how to achieve this in everyday life has been incredibly valuable. Its fantastic to have HeartMath technique as part of my daily routine. I have been sleeping a lot better lately, thank you. Ryad is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and goes above and beyond to offer support and advice on the subject matter. He has a true passion for HeartMath and through his training. It's understandable why. Thank you everso much Ryad!"

Kate Stever, MSc
Nutritionist, UK

"I want you to know that since the beginning of you working with me... I have become more aware and find myself correcting my thoughts and energy and have become more aware of how to breathe with your technique with the Mandela... it brings calmness to my body and clarity too ...I am so so grateful.. I THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️ I love you and appreciate you and your energy ..."

Terri Daniel

"Had an amazing experience working with Ryad. We worked on my anxiety and I feel more calm and happy since we had our session. Thank you for your help!"

Lara Filella
Yoga Teacher, Spain

"Had a one to one video meeting this morning!!! Highly recommend!!! Lots of help and tips to reduce pain of fibromyalgia!!! Very knowledgable person with lots of information on practices offered!!!"

Philby Nightingale
CEO - Realness Music Ltd, UK

"He came into my school and delivered a staff meeting and while school assembly. He was able to provide audience appropriate facts and engage all in the method. Since his sessions at my school many staff have continued to use this technique when managing stress an have begun to see a difference and have found the experience valuable for maintaining their mental health in a healthy state."

Tia-Jade Augustine
Teacher (lead), UK

"I am forever thankful for the help and support Mr Ryad has provided. I have first hand experience on how releasing trapped emotions provides a direct treatment approach, to what would otherwise, seem an unexplained medical symptom. I was disheartened to learn that other medical health care providers were strongly of the opinion that my condition could not be treated. Mr Ryad’s expertise has clearly removed all my trapped emotions and refuted all medical norms. Can’t recommend his therapy enough!"

Dr M Thanki
Dental surgeon

"Ryad possesses vast knowledge and combines the best of Eastern and Western energy medicine and has been very generous in sharing his wisdom and the powerful tools which has helped me resolve deep set patterns and in my healing journey. I would recommend him to anyone seeking solutions for complex conditions that go beyond the physical level of healing and appreciate the humanitarian work that Ryad continues to do via these unique techniques and modalities."

Founder/CEO Workout.ik Sri Lanka

"As part of my AFMCP Course, Ryad was supporting me during my elimination diet with lots of useful advices and tips. At the beginning, I had absolutely no plan and I did not know exactly what I was attending to. With his pleasant style and humor, he helped me through the difficulties of all challenges and woke up my enthusiasm again for cooking and self care. Above these, he identified the root causes of my health troubles and he opened a whole new world for me by teaching the basics of HeartMath as well. I use these techniques every day and my stress-management improved enormously. I am really thankful for this great opportunity to learn from him."

Anna Gal
Medical Hospital Doctor, Germany

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