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The 7 steps you need to put in place for Optimal health, Peak Performance


Strategies you need for the Healthy Development of your Career, Business and Life


Date: Sunday 6th of March 2022


Timings: 9.30 am till 12.30 pm (Virtual Doors open at 9.15 am)



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Here is what you will learn

In this full day workshop understand the journey of transformative health, the body's Intelligence and wisdom with the 7 steps you have to put in place to develop your personal resource and resilience to:
  • Shake off Stress on demand to be able to stay on top of life and business pressures and grow.
  • Stop the Energy drain,  manage and channel your energy intelligently. Your energy is your currency!
  • Emotionally Detox as trapped emotions can cause many health issues and slow down your progress.
  • Self-Regulate by transform Anger, Anxiety and Depression rising to a higher productive energy.
  • Sleep better as sleep is key for your health and success thus, rejuvenate and increase Longevity.
  • Reduce Pain and Fatigue and Boost Your Energy, Immunity and Vitality.
  • Get rid of the brain fog and have mental clarity with a sharp brain.
  • Align with your values and purpose towards your mission.
  • Put strategies to build your wealth and make your heard earned money work harder for you. 
    Finally, learn how to transform your mindset  for your personal, health and wealth development and strategies to put in place to build  abundance in your life.
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Your Trainers and Hosts 

Ryad Khodabocus

Ryad Khodabocus works globally and is trained a Functional Medicine Health Coach working with Doctors. He is also an Trauma-sensitive Energy Medicine practitioner helping people with Chronic Pain, psychosomatic pain, Trauma, sleep problems,  Stress and teaches Emotion Regulation.

Ryad researched in Emotional Intelligence and hold a master’s degree in Psychology of Health and Management. 

He is an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapist, NLP with Co-Founder Richard Bandler and is a Certified Coach and Trainer in HeartMath ®. He is also an Emotion Code® and Body Code® Practitioner developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, a PSYCH-K® Facilitator originated Robert M. Williams and Dr Bruce Lipton and a Certified Qi Qong Instructor with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Ryad is also one of the pioneers trained as a Positive Psychology and Mental Fitness Coaching with Dr Shirzaad Chamine, TEDx speaker and founder of Positive Intelligence and Stanford University Scholar.  He is a public speaker and a licensed sport coach specialising in Archery.

Ryad also Heads a Non-Profit working around Peace & Reconciliation and recently which led to win the prestigious Award for Queen's Award for Queen's Voluntary Service (QAVS).

His work has been many times commended  directly by Her Majesty the Queen,  Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, States people and the media  in the UK. He sees himself as a lifetime learner and campaigner on many social issues. 

He is a life long learning and currently a He is currently an Integrative Health Practitioner candidate.

Priya Gohel

Priya Gohel is a Certified Life Coach CCE, Certified Organisational Development Coach and Certified Associate Leadership and Executive Coach accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

She has a specialisation in helping Network Marketeers building teams with integrity, traction, and helping achieve Income goals. She empowers small business entrepreneurs and  individuals from Impossible to Im-possible!

Priya has had successful businesses with over 25 years of experience in running traditional and online businesses, working in the corporate world and being a full-time mother.

Learning from her own challenges and failures, Priya feels that it was time to give back to others who are looking to change their lives for the better especially over various learnt with the ups and downs in running a business. Many of her foundational skills were developed in her role as a trainer when in employment at a prestigious bank.

She further built upon her years in entrepreneurship and constantly investing in her own personal development, allowing her to help people on their personal journey.

What Professionals say about Ryad & Priya

 Dr Deepak Ravindran

(Pain Medicine Consultant NHS, United Kingdom)

"I invited Ryad to come and give us a talk on Heart math and Stress management for my patient support group in my area of Berkshire. Clearly very knowledgeable and articulate. would recommend him for his work."

Raphael Chifamba

(Business Owner, United Kingdom)

"Educating and Coaching is more than having facts, ideas or thoughts and throwing them at people in 1 basic way. One of Priya’s biggest skills, out of many, is her ability to communicate her thoughts and advice in so many different ways that everyone can understand the same point, but uniquely explained and tailored to them. Her efforts to do this have been extremely helpful for me to understand certain things that I couldn’t understand or see elsewhere. I am a very big fan and forever a student".

Louisa Lee

(Parallel Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Singapore)

"I had the wonderful opportunity for Ryad to be my instructor in both the Positive Intelligence and Heartmath programmes, and it certainly was a worthwhile investment! Ryad is very knowledgeable in the area and more importantly he equips us with tools to be able to turn into daily habits that help ground ourselves.

Ryad is a caring instructor who follows up with us and encourages us along the way with accountability groups to make sure the habit stays! Thank you for the valuable tools and I look forward to learning more on the journey of understanding and harnessing from my own energetic field!".

Lisa van Hoogstraten

(Yoga Teacher, Johannesburg, South Africa)

"As someone who has always run anxious, I’ve explored and tried many different  techniques in an ongoing quest to better manage my stress and anxiety. Nothing I tried seemed to “stick” or work for me. In 2020, when so many of us were struggling with off-the-charts stress levels, I signed up for Ryad’s Mental Fitness & HeartMath Programme in an international group over a few weeks, I soon discovered quick, useful, practical techniques that worked! The Techniques are invaluable and I could use anywhere and at anytime. Ryad has also helped fast-track my recovery from illness using his Body Code methodology.

I cannot recommend Ryad highly enough. His work and programmes are marked by quality, excellence and professionalism."

Dr Kristina Renkhoff, MD, FMCHC

(Doctor & Health Coach, Germany)

"I was lucky to take the online course with Ryad learning about emotional regulation, stress management, building resilience. and it was outstanding. He introduced us to the science based world of frequencies and magnetic fields in a very legible way and gave us lots of time to experience the exercises ourselves. It was very inspiring!"


George Boyle

(Author, United Kingdom)

"Priya is an inspirational leader in women and female coaching. An amazing public speaker with an in-depth of knowledge and is a pleasure to work with. Work alongside and has been an amazing mentor to help guide my passion also. Thank you so much, Priya. Sending pomandric colours of love your way. Highly recommended".

Alexander Kharadi

(Pro Life Fitness Managing Director, United Kingdom)

"I was fortunate to come across Ryad and his work on a course we both were on.

He very quickly identified my abilities and recommended I try both the HeartMath and Positive Intelligence courses that he runs.

As a teacher and mentor Ryad came across with great insight, and created a safe space to explore topics that are not necessarily mainstream science, but has its own evidence based knowledge to stand on. I have walked away more informed, confident and keen to further grow. Providing me with more tools to my tool box to utilize with myself and future clients alike".

Mahnaz Malik

(Functional Medicine Health Coach, Saudi Arabia )

"I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the HeartMath Resilience Advantage programme facilitated by Ryad Khodaboccus. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the learnings with my husband and children. Applying the freezeframe technique within the workshop was an excellent opportunity, with the guidance of Ryad to find clarity on an issue in a short space of time. The explanation of the science behind various life experiences that 'I knew' intrinsically was an eye opener and a great affirmation. The atmosphere of Ryad's facilitation of the group was very comfortable and engaging with the other participants."

Amanaria Nica

(Entrepreneur, Professional Networker, United Kingdom)

"I have known Priya for years where she has guided me and others to achieve our goals. She is very passionate about what she does, really kind and a great listener. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a mentor."


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