Testimonials of real Transformations and Healing

Watch CBT and PSYCH-K Facilitator Seleen Blackwell life transformation from foot, lower back and shoulder pains to emotional issues and stress.
Watch Priya Gohel NLP Coach and Speaker with Husband Rakesh 4th Dan Taekwondo Coach and Entrepreneur.


Watch Dr Saleh, a GP in the UK after a mini stroke and also suffering from lower back pain and knee pain.



Watch Faz Shah, a UK lawyer who has to deal with work and family stress and took the programme.



Watch Marketing Coach Director Chris Bishop talking about his migraines and how that affected his performance.



Watch Pain Consultant Dr Deepak Ravindran from Royal Berkshire Hospital has to say about Ryad's Work


Watch Lead Youth Development Worker in London  Alex Nelson​ has to say about the Parenting session I did for them on Stress and Emotional Regulation




An economical way for families to bring greater harmony in the home beating stress and traumas and emotional baggage. 

The Blosoom package includes:

  • 16 or 24 one to one live Zoom sessions
  • Max 4 family members
  • Total assessment of how the body is functioning
  • Getting into the Heart of the Matter and clearing Trapped Emotions
  • HeartMath® Coaching Personal Resilience Programme to master stress and transform emotions in the moment 
  • Award Winning Inner Balance Biofeedback Technology (optional)
  • Qiqong coaching with grounded meditation.

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