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Rewire your Nervous System, Shake off Stress, Build Resilience, Boost Energy and Vitality!


(Level 1) in just 4 weeks 

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Are you struggling with some or any of the following?

  • Stress / Anxiety
  • Low Mood / Depression
  • Burnout / Low Energy
  • Exhaustion / Lack of Energy
  • Lethargy / Lack of motivation
  • Lack of Productivity
  • Lack of Patience / Nervousness
  • Things get under your skin quickly
  • Angry / Annoyed / Edgy
  • Relationship  / Communication issues
  • Low sex drives / Low libido
  • Lack of Confidence Cravings / Addictions

  • Frequent Colds / Flu
  • Feeling Constipated
  • Gas / Bloating / Indigestion
  • Body Pains / Joint Aches / Back pain
  • Head Aches / Migraines 
  • Neck / Shoulder Pains
  • Lower / Back Pains
  • Chronic Pain / Painful Menses
  • Rapid Heart Beats
  • Blood Sugar Problems
  • Blood Pressure Problems
  • Insomnia / Lack of Sleep


If you are experiencing any of these, chances are that chronic stress and past traumas are haunting you and impeding on your health, wellness and happiness

I want this now!

This 4 weeks Programme

This is a unique opportunity and programme for you to join. In this level 1, I will not only walk you through this online course with over 100 videos to build some of the foundations you need using Mind- Heart-Gut and Body medicine towards your healing but more. You can ask your questions in the private membership Facebook Page 'Functional Wellness and Peak Performance Thrive Tribe'. Finally, it gets even more deep with a unique one private session with me to explore your individual circumstance.

I want this now!

In this course you will about learn 4 Personal Powers:

The Power of your Breath:  Understand your breathing and the lost forgotten way of natural breathing. Learn how the anatomy and physiology of breathing works.

The Power of Resilience: Learn about my P.E.A.C.E formula and blueprint: the 5 areas of resilience or flexibility you need develop and bring balance and harmony. Buffer your stress and have a more peaceful and productive life.

The Power of your 3 Brains: Science today acknowledges that we have 3 Brains! The Brain you know of i.e. inside your skull and then we have the Gut and all of that linked to the 3rd Brain which is the heart. Learn about these connections. Explore  simple techniques to sync the brain and the heart and harness the Gut power.

The Power of Movement: Despite you are doing exercise you might still being considered having a sedentary lifestyle! Shocking right!!!

Sitting is the new smoking! Learn simple, easy, fun exercise and yet powerful exercises you can do throughout your day. 

This programme covers

The Course + Bonus

This course covers over 100 videos spread over 4 weeks including an exclusive Bonus of Wellness Qiqong.

Build the Foundation at your pace!

VIP Service Bonus

Three Private 1-1 40 minutes VIP session with your coach taken either during the 4 weeks or within 1 month after the 4 weeks.

Have a private Coachconsult

The Tribe Bonus

Get free access to my Facebook Private Functional Wellness and Performance Thrive Tribe with Free master classes.

A Community of learners & supporters


Made affordable to cover all needs and budget. Starting with the online self- learning programme with a full year unlimited access. 

Your questions answered in my Private FB Group 'The Functional Wellness and Peak Performance Thrive Tribe'

To add-on top of this a bonus of three private 1-1 session with me taken during the 4 weeks or within a month after the 4 weeks.

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Valued at £1499

  • Back to Body Wisdom course: Rewire Your Nervous System, Unshackle yourself from Stress and Trauma comprised over 100 videos with weekly motivational email personally crafted by myself  (Valued at £999)
  • Unlimited access of the course for 1 year
  • Notification when course updates i.e. any fresh contents during your period of access. ( No need to pay more)
  • One Private 1-1 CoachConsult 45 minutes in regards to the course and your questions (Valued at £299)
  • Free access to my private Facebook Community: Functional Medicine Wellness with lots of valuable Health Information and Master Classes  (Invaluable)