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Disclaimer: Please check with your Healthcare provider for any action you decide to take with the information provide on this course.

What is the Microbiome

The 'gut microbiota’ is a complex collection of bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes colonising the Gastrointestinal (GI). The gut is the more densely populated made up of trillions of cells of the symbiotic microbes (microbes living together). This consists approximately 95% of the human body.
Like we humans, in a diverse society, when there is harmony, coherence and cooperation, people live well and happily together. The same analogy applies to the human body. When there is harmony among those cells in the gut, this highly diverse population of microbiota live in what is called homeostatic state and thus promotes overall health.

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Gut Imbalance

However, in the event that the gut reaches a state of dysbiosis or disharmony, a variety of dis-ease happens to the body. The body is no more at ease with itself, an inflammatory response may develop. This can range from type 2 diabetes to inflammatory bowel leading to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Gut inflammation or intestinal microbial dysbiosis has been associated with a number of brain pathologies, including Alzheimer’s disease also called type 3 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, suggesting some type of communication between gut and the central nervous system which compose of the brain and the spinal cord.


How the Microbiome is linked to Your Body

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You can go deeper in those lesson reading the scientific evidence paper if you wish to.

What causes imbalance in the Gut?

Like a community, where there is extreme or antisocial behaviour by one person or group in an area it can affect an entire population. In the gut, imbalance can be linked to what we eat (especially the consumption of food that the body doesn’t recognise as food- like processed food with chemicals we cannot read), stress which is a huge part of it, the use or misuse of antibiotics, excess of alcohol, environmental toxins and pollutants, as well as genetic factors. All of this can lead to a change in the microbiota but not positive. This may in turn induce intestinal inflammation and increase intestinal permeability called a leaky gut.

In functional medicine, when intestinal inflammation becomes chronic, the integrity of the epithelial barrier is altered; this is often referred to as “leaky gut.” A leaky gut or intestinal permeability contributes to the pathophysiology of dis-ease.

Below is a picture of the epithelial barrier. Click on the image to read more on this section and download the referenced paper.

Normally, the intestinal epithelial barrier is composed of tight intercellular junctions. This controls the equilibrium between tolerance and immunity to non-self-antigens. This means they allow only micromolecules passage and not macromolecules. When the junction of each cells loosens, then macromolecules ‘permeates’ through and tiggers the body alarm causing increased inflammation as they are seen as trespassing. An ongoing trespassing keep the body soldiers or immune system in a constant fight like an ongoing war (an autoimmune response) until it becomes overwhelming.

Is it all doomed and gloomed? 

A disruption to the microbiota homeostasis or dysbiotic microbiota can potentially be improved. As you probably have gathered, one then need to put certain lifestyle mechanism in place to stop the chronic inflammation that is further adding stress to the soldiers or immune system giving them a break to allow then the body and in this case the gut lining or barrier to repair itself.
This will require first and foremost a disciplined mindset. A journey of a thousand-mile begins with one step! Often in functional medicine, a 21-day elimination of certain food is recommended. This include food like wheat/gluten, Dairy, Soy, Eggs, processed foods, alcohol, certain meat like beef and pork, seafoods like crustacean and large fish like swordfish, tuna, nightshades, oxalates or lectins.
Then adding certain probiotics alongside with prebiotic like your fibrous food from fruits and veggies can start helping the repair while reducing oxidative stress. Stress management is a key component of that which comes with exercise and movement, sleep and enjoying connection and relations with first and ferment yourself the human and nature ecosystem.

Intestinal permeability plays a central role in many chronic conditions and the synergy gut kit is a great product that could potentially help to bring gut balance. It is often the first place to start improving overall health.

Why Synergy Solutions?

In this section we will look at how Synergy gut solutions is powered by Mother Nature via food linked with the best of science

Nature and Science at its best- A great family union solution for your wellness


Are all Nutrional Supplements the same?

What do you need to know about nutritional supplements that are on the market?


The best and finest Quality  

Working with the natural environment, with the seasons where the best produce are found.

Members of the Synergy/Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) Quality Assurance Department travel the world to audit the farms, plantations, and sites from which Synergy ingredients are sourced. Every ingredient in every Synergy product has met strict safety and purity standards beginning at its origin.


Beyond Excellence in Testing method

Testing: Proven, repeatable, predictable results, peer reviewed in journals.

More than 600 quality control tests, comparable to those used in the pharmaceutical industry, are performed on Synergy’s product line. A skilled team of scientists test the raw ingredients before manufacturing begins, then test a sample from every finished lot. Synergy exceeds other natural health companies with this level of attention to detail, insisting on the highest levels of manufacturing excellence.


Let's talk about Gut Health Solutions

In this section we will look what Gut and Wellness Solutions Synergy has to offer.


The Purify Kit includes a supply of clinically formulated nutrition for the microbiome. Probiotics, vegetable proteins, and many other powerful ingredients combine to promote detoxification, cleansing, and balance. Use these carefully engineered supplements, and adhere to the dietary guidelines as you begin your journey to Elite Health.



 Why do we have to talk about core nutrition? I am 'eating well' so why do I need to supplement.

 The above image is showing that one bowl of salad our parents ate 50 years ago, today we need approximately 50X the same bowl of salad to get the same nutrients. 

One way we can say we are eating empty food despite the food is even organic. There are many reason why and the main one is our soil which produces those nutrients are depleted. Hence while we fuel our body with healthy food we are not getting the full health benefits. Climate change with the over production of CO2, conventional agriculture with increased use of pesticides, herbicides and various human made chemicals all affect our soil and plant content. Below is a Swiss study showing how much nutrients we get in our food...and this is shocking!

Thus, we need a high quality supplement that is reliaseble as tested making sure what's goes on our body is wholesome and nourishing us. Synergy Core nutrition products helps with that.  Below we look at those products.


Congratulation for completing this course

Well done for reaching here. By now you have more knowledge on gut health than even many health practitioners. 

Its time to take action. While these are nutritional food supplements you are advised to check with your Health care provider.

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