Wellness Consultation Services


The service consists on helping you to build resilience and beating stress at various levels using a Mind, Heart and Body medicine approach. You will be coached in 6 areas of lifestyle medicine covering Nutrition and Diet, Rest and Relaxation, Exercise and Movement, Mental Fitness, Sleep and Rejuvenation, Relationship.

At a deeper level we go in balancing the stress between consciousness, sub-consciousness and your super-consciousness.

With energy medicine help we also work with you to work on any trapped energy, emotions and trauma stopping your progress.

Finally, we equip you with tools to raise your energetic vibration and manage stress while building your resilience.

Service includes:

  • 3-12 months service of 6 -18 tele wellness sessions, one to one live Zoom sessions
  • Total assessment of how the body is functioning with a 21 pages report
  • Clear Tapped Emotions, traumas and Heart Barriers and Physical Pains
  • Balancing Stress stress between consciousness, sub-consciousness and your super-consciousness and rewiring limited beliefs 
  • Abundance sessions 
  • With final evaluation
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  • Cost: We work according to your budget. Sessions can be 1 or 2 monthly. Contact us to discuss your need. Details of fees and package ideas below.

Invest in yourself & Business success. Your energy is your currency.


Personal and private sessions or package

  • Discovery: Starting at £299 for 90 minutes in person 1-1 session session.
  • A detailed intake form is taken prior to get a good understanding of your situation and then we discuss the bio feedback we get from your body and a 21 pages report is produced.
  • We then  work with you towards your wellness plan according to your health goals and the support you might need. This is a good start where you are the CEO of your wellness package. 
  • Distance work or Tele wellness. We can work at the comfort of your home and this will mean you make a small one off investment  £275 (includes freight) in a hand cradle which will be shipped to you. This can be used by an entire family where we can connect with you at the comfort of your home running your assessments as and when needed. Note Zyto technology requires Windows PC and does not work with Apple Mac.


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  • Packages. It is recommended a monthly or 6 weeks assessment and thus we offer packages that suits you. Take some deep dive with Elite and Elite plus.


  • Elite  (cost £250/monthly): 10 sessions over 12 months. Two sessions is kept for your First session.
  •  8 (1hour) sessions follow ups. In each 6 weekly follow ups we test and come up with you next health move to keep on top of things and health mentoring.


  • Elite Plus (Cost £225 monthly over 12 months). A total of 18 (1hour) sessions per year. This is 2 sessions over 6 weeks- one session with the bio-energy technology assessment and the other one we work on Traumas using other energy medicine and balance modalities and/or health coaching (we have your back to support you to make the transformation you need).


  • Additional sessions can be upgraded.
  • Discounts and promotion on food supplement and essential oils.
  • Emergency call support over the phone depending upon availability.


  • Book a free 20 minutes call to explore if we can co-create your wellness journey.
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Couples and Family Stress & Relationship Consultation

This package is designed for families and couples.

Pre- marriage prep

We encourage those engaged moving to marriage to work on themselves first to enter the bond of marriage as strong couples building your window of tolerance and compassion for each other especially at times of need when the stress of relationships kick in. We help you to clear inherited parental and historical baggage to that you give the best chance to your relationship preparing you as a couple to enter your conjugal life with high positive vibration and how you can continuously nurture your relationship enhancing your bond with love. This package can potentially also help you for your future generation to come to this world with stronger positive vibration and less negative baggage.

  • 3- 6 months one to one and couples live Zoom sessions
  • Total assessment of how the body is functioning
  • Individual clearing of Tapped Emotions and Heart Barriers and Physical Pains (Resonant relationship)
  • Couples 6-8  Coaching HeartMath® Sessions on the Stress and Personal Resilience Programme 
  • Award Winning Inner Balance Biofeedback Technology each
  • 7 weeks of Positive Intelligence and mental fitness programme with one year app to help you to rewire your brain and dealing with mental saboteurs like victims, pleaser and more and how to strong judging yourself and other. 7 weeks couples coaching on positive intelligence
  • Balancing Stress stress between consciousness, sub-consciousness and your super-consciousness and rewiring limited beliefs 
  • Boost Energy and Vitality Online Course

Married couples and families

We also offer similar help to married couples and families and tailor the package to your need.

This can also include working with your children and pets too!

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Invest in strengthening your love life and precious relationship


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Team Coherence & Resilience Building Consultation

This programme is designed for business willing to improve productivity and creative teams working in harmony and transforming conflict to coherence.

This great package for you helping you also to get things advancing in your business.

This programme includes:

  • Adding Heart To Team based on evidence and science by HeartMath 
  • Resilience Advantage programme for your staff
  • HeartMath® Coaching Personal Resilience Programme to master stress and transform emotions in the moment and more 
  •  Lifestyle and Qiqong coaching with Body movement & Grounding. Understand your body and tap into your body intelligence to reduce a sedentary lifestyle (despite you exercise)
  • Mental Fitness programme and coaching
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Invest in your Team productivity and Happiness of your workplace.

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