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Ryad Khodabocus is a Health & Wellness Practitioner, Trainer, Teacher, Consultant, Coach and Speaker from the United Kingdom with roots from the beautiful Island of Mauritius.

He works globally and is trained as an Integrative Health Practitioner and a Functional Medicine Health Coach. He is also a Trauma-Informed Energy Medicine Practitioner. He is experienced Pain, Trauma, Stress and Emotion Regulation.

He researched in Emotional Intelligence for many years and hold a master’s degree in Psychology of Health and Management. He trained in NLP with Co-Founder Richard Bandler and is a Certified Practitioner, Coach and Trainer in HeartMath ®.  He is also a HeartMath Stress and Well-being Assessor. 

Ryad is trained in energy medicine as an Emotion Code® and Body Code® Practitioner developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, a PSYCH-K® Health and Well-being Facilitator originated from Robert M. Williams and Dr Bruce Lipton. He is a Certified Qi Qong Instructor with Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

Ryad is one of the pioneers trained as a Positive Psychology and Mental Fitness Coaching with Dr Shirzaad Chamine, TEDx speaker and founder of Positive Intelligence and Stanford University Scholar. 

He also heads a Non-Profit working around Peace & Reconciliation. As a life learner, Ryad continues to pursue his development in the Health Sciences and Qiqong. He is a licensed sport coach specialising in Archery.

Being a multiple award winner, Ryad is popularly known for his spirit of integration, cultural and collective intelligence. He has over 500 local Newspaper Articles publications promoting hope and good news.

In 2018, he was awarded as one of the 21 leaders for the 21st century as agents of reconciliation in the UK supported by the Prime Minister's Office and various news outlets and the COEXISTENCE House.

He was coined as ‘exceptionally gifted with imagination, creativity and entrepreneurship’ for his ability to formulate ideas and propound reliable programmes. In 2019, he was awarded Young Sacred Activist by St Ethelburga Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in London.

He has been on various media outlets including the BBC NEWS and radio.

Doctors including pain consultant specialist has sought Ryad's help for themselves and  for their patients.


Ryad has met with numerous important figures from Secretary of states, Religious leaders and Olympic sport champions to Business Entrepreneurs honouring his good work. In 2016 he hosted a private visit with Their Royal Highnesses, Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton talking around mental health his charity work particularly with young people.

The Cherry on the pie was in 2019 when he was honoured to meet with Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.

Ryad's Message:

We all need to evolve... transform and reinvent ourselves in a fast evolving age! Problems, trials and difficulties in life are all calling us to our next evolution- the better and best version of ourselves. I will be honest with you, problems will not runaway. The only certainty in life is change and leaving this world! I am constantly evolving and reinventing myself, and with all my flaws, I am constantly improving myself for the better serve my loved ones, my clients and society at large. The key is how we thrive and be at Peace in a world full of challenges and extremes!
Let me tell you, you are built to heal and to thrive. But what you need is the tools, the discipline and sort out first some of the  energy blockages that stumbling your way. Perhaps causing the back pain or knee pain!  PAIN is your body way of communicating to you, asking you to stop and make the required changes for you to function at your peak!
Free yourself, align with your heart and intuition- get in the flow towards your purpose and unleash the genius in you.

The Human Energy Performance Management & Wellness (HEPMW)

The Human Energy Performance Management & Wellness is a holistic approach that brings science and technology with spirituality practiced thousands of years in the history of humanity through the lens of modern science for the individual optimal well-being and daily performance. The solution provided primarily looks at human being and life at an Energetic level using quantum science. As humans we are bio-electromagnetic beings.

We also look at Energy in terms of capacity. It is the energy that fuels us to do what we need to do in this world. We explore how to channel and support the body, mind to do what we are supposed to do and how you can support your health, energy and vitality sustainably.

The model of restoring energy in people’s mind is looking for the weekend (if they are lucky enough) or the holidays to recoup. Moreover, people are told to look at work and life balance, eat healthy, exercise, and have a positive mind. While these are valid and good, you will find that people are still suffering from stress or feeling stuck to advance in life despite working hard. People come back to work and still feel they need another holiday - after a holiday! Does that sound familiar?

Under one roof we bring our coaching, mentoring and energy balancing model to assist individuals to manage and expand their most critical resource for higher performance - their Energy!

We help groups and individuals to unleash their potential, their genius going beyond mental health towards mental fitness, synchronize the brain and the heart and achieve total physiological coherence linked with their environment.

We help, individuals, groups and teams to  meet their ever-increasing demands and become more productive and effective under pressure (internal and external) without sacrificing their health and happiness at a fair cost with most of the modalities they need working with our highly skilled coach and energy medicine practitioner.

We help you to bring to tap into your own body intelligence and wisdom, clear the stumbling blocks. build the resilience and use the wealth of abundance of your own life experience and stories, and further attract the abundance of health, wealth and longevity into your life towards inner peace.

Here we are also providing you a solution in real time at the tip of your finger working also with your subconscious which directs 95% of your life! We can coach you and also provide you guidance with simple and effective tools. It is said seeing is believing. With the bio-feedback technology (which you can own) you learn to measure yourself daily and have that personal accountability. 

It is also said that knowledge is power! At a deeper level we help you to tap into your inner wisdom and body intelligence to self-heal, understand your body while also making you more intuitive.

We run the HeartMath Resilience Advantage® Workshop for Public, Charity and Corporate organisations to help staffs manage stress and build the capacity to bounce back in the face of adversity and challenges they face and build the energy and the synergy for your team and organisational needs.

Contact us for a chat to see how we can help you. 

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