Transforming Stress for Teens

Staying Cool Under Pressure

We are now in unpreceded times with emotional and mental health is skyrocketing among young people facing pressures from all walks of life.

According to various research sources (National Education Union, Childline and more) 50% of people with mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14? Most of these cases have a stress-related background. 

Almost half (49%) of education staff say secondary school pupils have been suicidal because of the stress they’re under.

82% of teachers believe exam pressure has the biggest impact on pupils’ mental health. Another 82% of heads have reported that stress and anxiety are higher than before 2020, according to a survey by the Association of School and College Leaders.

Building emotional resilience and emotional regulation are key skills to develop emotional intelligence while also improving social and academic performance. Furthermore, developing emotional regulation skills are invaluable for better career prospects and team collaboration. Download brochure here.

The transforming Stress for Teens core area covered:

The transforming Stress for Teens has been especially designed for schools and youth groups equipping them with the tools and strategies to:

  • Understand their why working through their Values and Character strength
  • Understand and transform Stress, Anxiety and Depression while looking at its impact of the body. 
  • Understand emotions/feelings and how it drives physiology.
  • Understand the science of how the Brain and Heart works together.
  • Develop the skills on how to emotionally regulate in the moment and build emotional resilience using HeartMath Solutions.
  • Build an environment of harmony and peace for each individual to thrive and living their genius.
Skills Developed- The How?

Skill 1- Recognise One's Stressors & Emotions
Skill 2- How to Tap into the Power of Your Heart
Skill 3- Plug Brain and Energy leaks to stop energy drain.
Skill 4- Predict one's Inner Weather Forecast- Tap into the Power of Choice in the moment
Skill 5- Transform Stress & low energy emotions

Skill 6- Enhancing and building positive relationship- Transforming attitude.

Skill 7- Building Resilience living your Genius

The link with the PHSE currliculum Key Stage 3-5

The workshop fits very well providing easy and real solutions supporting the PHSE core area of Health and Well-being learning outcome. It goes a step further in skill development for life.

Workshops are generally 2-3 hours but can be tailored according to the school needs. We can deliver online or onsite.

PHSE CORE 1 Health and Well-being (mainly) Key learning opportunity covers click here to download the full pdf.


Staff and leadership

We also offer tailor made programme for staffs and management to enhance teamwork and stress management.

For queries and more information email on [email protected] 


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