Transforming Stress for Teens

Staying Cool Under Pressure

With many young people facing so many pressures from personal, economic and family, we are now in unpreceded times when mental health is skyrocketing.

Emotional regulation is a key still to develop to build one's emotional intelligence for better performance at school and developing this invaluable skill for better career prospects and more.

The transforming Stress for Teens has been especially design for schools and youth groups equipping them with the tools and strategies to:

  • Understand their why working through their Values
  • Understand and transform Stress, Anxiety and Depression while understanding its impact of the body. 
  • Understand emotions/feelings
    Our feelings and how it drives physiology.
  • How the Brain and Heart works together
  • How to emotionally regulate using HeartMath Solutions
  • Living their Genius
  • Build an environment of harmony and peace for each individual to thrive.

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